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More than 25 years in the
industrial packaging sector

Our Background

Start of the business:
  • Forest production
  • Interior carpentry
  • Sawmill
  • Exterior carpentry
Growth of the business: 2 new activities:
  • Industrial packaging
  • Construction material
Founding of Iñaki Bereziartua S.L. in the Epele neighbourhood. Hernani.
Growth of the business: Immersion in the market of:
  • Striped board
Extension and transfer to the new location in Galarreta. Hernani:
  • 30,000 m² distributed between production centres, warehouses and
       drying areas.
Adapting the facilities to comply with Export regulations:
  • Phytosanitary Certificate for ISPM 15 wood packaging
Environmental commitment:
  • PEFC Sustainable Development Certificate
Specialisation in very large and/or very heavy packaging.
Comprehensive packaging for export service.
Design-manufacture-packaging service-logistic support.
Extension of capacity for production and goods storage.
Quality commitment:
  • CE marking
  • “Bai Euskarari”

Iñaki Bereziartua S.L. currently upholds the firm commitment to serve our customers in all their packaging needs for national and international dispatches.

It currently has the following productive sections:

  • • Sawmill and Construction Material.
  • • Customised packaging.
  • • Comprehensive packaging for export service. Projects.
  • • Storage and logistics.

Our Product

The commitment to quality comes to light in the rigorous planning and selection of raw materials, in the continuous improvement of the productive processes, the modernisation of the associated infrastructure and the quality control of the finished products.

Our Service

At Iñaki Bereziartua we believe in personal care and advice to suit our customers’ needs and in strict compliance with the deadlines and delivery conditions of our products.


Iñaki Bereziartua S.L. currently has 30,000 m² organised by productive sections, drying areas and warehouses separated according to the lines of business.